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quality iridology servicesIridology is an exact science that analyzes the iris structure, a highly specialized nerve tissue and an extension of the brain, for various markings, fiber separations and discolorations. Each indicator gives us important clues as to the inherited and acquired health of the body.  The Iridologist on staff is Lisa Opfermann. Lisa has been practicing Iridology for over 25 years and has recently expanded her study of the eye by incorporating the pupil and sclera study. These combined sciences are called Eyeology. She is a member of the International iridology practitioners association.

Cost of this service is $60 for 1 ½ hour appointment.

quality iridology services

NAET, which stands for Dr. Nambudripads Allergy Elimination Technique is an acupressure technique to eliminate allergies by manipulating the energies in the body. This technique developed by Dr Nambudripad is used to eliminate environmental, food, phenol and animal allergies. Lisa Opfermann PhD. has been practicing NAET for nine years.

This service is a program. Any person’s interested need to speak to Lisa Opfermann directly.
Please look up NAET at www.NAET.com. Then click on find a practitioner and input advanced practitioner for locating her on the site.

Nutritional Consults for weight loss, sugar imbalances, joint health, digestive imbalances and food allergy rotation diets are also thru Lisa Opfermann PhD.

This service is $50 for an hour appointment.

Foot Detox - Detoxes the body slowly of heavy metals, fungus, virus, and yeast. Reduces inflammation, helps weightloss, improves sleep, and lowers tension.

This service is $40.00 for 35; minutes.

All services paid by cash or check only. No credit cards for services only store purchase.

Applied Kinesiology appointments for dietary balance are given by Lisa Opfermann PhD. This service costs $30 for 45 minutes.



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Beginner/Intermediate Iridology Course is Saturday, March 5, 2016 8am until 4pm. Iridology is the study of the iris of the eye. By looking at the colors and fibers of the eye one will gain valuable information. Upon completion of this * hour study, you will be able to fully analyze the complete Iris with recommendations. Optional certification test at the end of class. Class cost is $130 per person.